The Inspirational & Fun Sampler!
The product that started it all


The Always-On Recorder


Isn't music supposed to be fun? That's the question MonkeyC poses to its users with each piece of software. Rather than releasing yet another compressor or EQ, MonkeyC's mission is to prompt creativity, inspiration and a faster workflow in the studio – in sometimes leftfield ways. The company was founded in the Netherlands by Dennis de Laat, a veteran dance music producer and software engineer who knows the value of having the right tools, and understands how to bring them into being. MonkeyC's initial releases include Rewind, an 'always-on' retrospective recorder for your studio computer, to make sure you never miss a golden moment or happy accident; and Rando, a randomizing sampler that gives producers a new perspective on their sample collection by helping them play it across the keyboard.