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Yes you can! Simply select host when you authorize Rewind. That way you don't need a physical iLok dongle or have to be online with iLok Cloud (which are also options btw).

macOS 10.15 Intel or Apple Silicon, Windows 10 64-bit Intel systems or newer. Supported plug-in formats: VST3, AudioUnits, and ProTools AAX. Licensing through PACE iLok, 2 licenses per user, host computer and iLok Cloud supported, a physical dongle is not required.

Rewind works like a conveyor belt. It records up to the last 30 minutes of what you put in it, both audio and MIDI. After 30 minutes the oldest parts of the recording falls off the belt to make room for new material. Basically like you would have a 90 minute memory max in your brain!

Great question! There are a couple of reasons why Rewind is better than the MIDI capture function in your DAW:

1. You can't accidentally undo it. With DAWs it only takes a wrong shortcut to wipe out the capture forever.

2. Rewind also works when you don't have a DAW running.

3. Rewind also records audio. There is no audio capture facility in any DAW!

Rewind has a light impact on your computer, even if you let it run for days on end (yes, we tested it!)

Unfortunately that is one of the things it can't do for you, there are plenty of other apps/plugins out there who can help you do that!

On OSX (per Ventura) we install an additional audio driver that handles the switching between external and internal sound inputs. When you switch between System and external audio input (on OSX), the system audio output device you have selected in the OSX preferences menu will temporarily be set to Rewind. Once you switch back to External mode or close Rewind your original audio routing will be restored.‍

If you run into any issues, report those back to us asap!‍

If you wish to delete the driver, you can find it in the following location (please replace <YOUR HD> with the name of your hard drive):‍

<YOUR HD>/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/Rewind.driver

Simply put: Rando can be a beast and can be very powerful. You can have 84 samples with 6 effects per sample that you can activate. Luckily we have put a lot of effort into making sure Rando works as efficiently as possible, but you are in charge of how much power you give it!

Rando currently looks at the filepath and filename to extract information like type, BPM, key/chords etc.

Some formats like NI Kontakt (.nki) files, protected Ableton .aif files can unfortunately not be read at this time.

Rando has no difficulty scanning huge sample libraries in multiple locations

You can drag samples on and from the keyboard to your DAW or HD.

Yes we do, we were students once too! 😃 Send us your proof of enrollment and we will give you a 40% discount.

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You get two license activations for Rewind, which means you can install it on both your laptop and computer at the same time!

Really simple: just write us an email and we will refund you!