Rando INT
Rando INT Gone are the days of endlessly browsing through presets and folders in your DAW, where you likely utilize only a fraction of your available samples. Discover the power of Rando's intelligent sampling. It seamlessly connects to all the sample libraries on your computer, bringing a fresh perspective to your music-making process. With Rando, experience your samples in entirely new contexts and dynamics. Choose how you want Rando to enhance your workflow: Go full random and let Rando surprise you with its choices, or tailor the experience. Want only drum sounds? Or perhaps a keyboard filled with shakers? Rando does it all. Plus, each sound is equipped with six unique effects for individual customization. Struggling with inspiration? Rando has your back! Our built-in sequencer is designed to spark creativity, helping you craft unique loops that will rekindle your musical passion in no time! Elevate your music production today with Rando!
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VST3, AU, AAX and standalone

Mac OS 10.15 Intel or Apple Silicon

Windows 10 64-bit Intel systems or newer

iLok (offline) license with 2 activations

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee