Rewind INT
Rewind INT Rewind allows you to capture the happy accidents in the studio, even if you didn’t press record. We noticed that we missed out on a lot of cool moments in the studio whenever we played on headphones or without the DAW running. Recreating it later never sounded the same, so we made Rewind. Rewind runs in the background and records up to 90 minutes of audio and midi in memory, kind of like a conveyor belt. If you have played something nice you can now go back in time and drag the audio or midi into your DAW. Because for me the magic happens when I’m not looking at my screen 😎 and I suck at replaying it later… Rewind is packed with many other cool features like gate recording, record system sound sources like Spotify or Youtube. Feel free to try it out!
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VST3, AU, AAX and standalone

Mac OS 10.15 Intel or Apple Silicon

Windows 10 64-bit Intel systems or newer

iLok (offline) license with 2 activations

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee